The Catholic Diocese of SAPPORO

Let's enjoy Christmas with us.

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An English Mass will be held at Kita 1 jo Catholic Charch & Obihiro Catholic Church .
Please come and celebrate the great occasion with us

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Welcome House:A Hospitality House for Foreigners
Lay Missionaries from The Philippines for your continuous support
Go to Hokkaido (about Sapporo Diocese Cathedral)

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Without the Holy Spirit, God is distant,
Christ remains in the past,
the Gospel is a dead letter,
the Church is just an organization,
authority a domination,
mission is propaganda,
worship a ceremonial,
and Christian way of life is a servitude.

But in him: the cosmos is uplifted and groans
in giving birth to the kingdom.
the risen Christ is here,
the Gospel throbs with life
the Church is communion in the Trinity,
authority is a liberating service,
mission a Pentecost,
the liturgy both memorial and anticipation,
and human life is deified.