「Think about Peace」 project

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Hakodate La Salle Mission Club is a 「Think about Peace」 pro­ject during the summer vaca­tion.

Originally, we had planned to hold the Thailand Volunteer Program at this time, but it was canceled again due to the effects of Corona.

Therefore, on Thursday, August 11, from 3:00 PM, we will have an oppor­tu­nity to think about peace and what we can do to help through the Thai Bamboo School.

The pur­pose of this event is to know first, then to think, and if pos­sible, to take action.

La Salle Mission stu­dents will be the main par­tic­i­pants, but if you are inter­ested, please reg­ister using the par­tic­i­pa­tion form.

Participation form: https://forms.gle/sVV2n­Q9yv1gU­UEC69

The appli­ca­tion dead­line is Thursday, July 28


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